Badge of Service

Happy New Year!

In my recent post, I have declared that is going to be year of rejoicing knowing that God’s plans for me and my family are for good, they give us hope and a future, that He is before all things and He holds things together for His greater glory and purpose!

We started the year by joining in our local church’s annual weeklong prayer and fasting. During that week, I prayed ( among others)  that I be more loving in my earthly relationships – starting off with my husband. More so that I am in a new season as a stay-at-home mom, managing and keeping house, and homeschooling our children, it is easy to “feel” that I am doing most of the work at home and the enemy will feed my selfish ego telling me that I need more than I am entitled to. Oh, what a selfish attitude! That is why I prayed that I will be doing things borne out of love ,not of responsibility. For being a faithful steward also means being diligent in doing things, working not for men, but for the Lord.

It is true that the word of God searches your deepest thoughts and strikes through our hearts. It has worked that way for me – all the time. Just this morning, i was reading the following verses ,

Also, teach the older women to live the way those who serve the Lord should live. They should not go around saying bad things about others or be in the habit of drinking too much. They should teach what is good. By doing this they will teach the younger women to love their husbands and children.  They will teach them to be wise and pure, to take care of their homes, to be kind, and to be willing to serve their husbands. Then no one will be able to criticize the teaching God gave us.” – Titus 2:3-5(Easy-to-Read Version)

“..and willing to serve their husbands”! I wrote this in bold letter because it is as if the Lord is echoing it back and forth to my ears.:) He is telling me that all day long, when I thought I start and end the day with “service”, it is not because of the responsibility that He has placed on me as a wife and a mother, but it is because He has given me that gift to be a “living letter”, a message seen in a lifestyle, not only for my husband and children to see but for all of God’s people to see a reflection of His goodness, faithfulness and grace that is working in me – day in and day out! What a joy to be a “serving wife”!

When the temptation to not serve willingly or delightfully is strong, I will remember God’s truths in my life. Why he made me a woman, what I am capable of doing, and what I need most in this life is Him – His grace that sustains me, His love that makes me love others unconditionally, His burden that lightens my own, His act of service shown when he washed His disciples’ feet.

In marriage, I will remember that my willingness to serve my husband is the same as serving the Lord. I read once, that the danger of the Idolatry of Equality is slowly seeping in our marriages because of what the world offers us. I will choose to listen to what God says than what the enemy says – the one who accuses, feeding all lies,  who does nothing but that, day in and day out!

If you are a wife reading this, I am praying with you that God will breathe a fresh air into your life and in your marriage. May that badge of service that you wear not only stay there as a “permanent decoration” ( as what the Presidential Badge of Service suggests), a lifeless memorial of all the acts of service that you have done and will continue to do, but one that is full of life because of the power of  the living God that is in you! Serve HIM!


                                                                           (photo via wordpress)