An Afternoon Delight

Sometimes we get wind up with the daily humdrum of things – waking up , managing the household, off to day job, back to home sweet home. Not that I am complaining, I am indeed thankful that my hands are full. In these times, i get to meet different lives with different personalities. My facetime with these people are much more appreciated! Social media has allowed us to be connected to a lot of people in a seemingly unimaginable way ( like how my blog has brought me to you! ) but it doesn’t give us the “soulful” connection that can only be achieved in real face-to-face conversations, a gentle touch, a shoulder to cry on and a merry hymn of laughter that can fill an otherwise boring, empty room!

Recently, I get to bond with my cousins whom I shared the most wonderful childhood moments with. Times when technology was still a luxury, memories were built “intentionally” – like when you schedule a vacation, it has to be carefully planned as there was not yet a travel agency that takes care of your logistical needs, no cellphones and internet that allow you to say “hey, i got stuck in the traffic – will just follow you there” , so that makes you to be there on time, on the dot, lest you will be left behind. Like those times, this reunion was intentional. And I think, we always have to be intentional with our relationships. Intentional in deciding that we meet, in letting people know that we care for each other because we care enough to see them. And dish away that idea that we are just a text or phone call away. (Of course, if  distance is a hindrance, the calls, emails and sms pretty much make up for it!)

Reunions need not be grand.  That day, it was just coffee, them, and I (and yes, with a muffin and lemon square in between!).  Take time out to nurture those relationships. Not a moment is wasted.


Me and my cousins enjoying an afternoon coffee! (thanks, Cookie ,for this pic!)