Hall of Faith

Hebrews 11 –  the Hall of Faith.  Each action of those enumerated was borne out of faith. Whenever faced with similar situations, I go back to the “hall” and get reminded that faith always overtakes fear. When I move in fear, I am looking into my own and depending on my abilities but when I move in faith, I look beyond what is seen and trust God who is able. Here are some:

1.       Enoch not experiencing death – and this was because he pleased God – and no one can please God if he doesn’t believe that He exists and He will reward those who earnestly seek him. I believe in the existence of God and how he became flesh in Jesus Christ. In my quest for Him, I have found a personal relationship with Him. Because of this, I know that eternity awaits me after my “earthly tent” shall come to its expiration date. I find it amusing that goods have been marked “best before  xx-xx-xxx (expiration date) “, while if we think deeper , we, as Christians  are best after our expiration dates! For by then we are in the BEST place ever!

2.       Noah saving his family – it has been my prayer up to this moment that salvation will come in our household. I never stopped praying for the time to come that we will profess the same faith and always have an answer whenever asked about it.

3.       Abraham as a nomad  – in our 13 yrs of being married, we have transferred and created homes  9 times already and I know God’s not done with us yet! Embracing this nomadic lifestyle earns us a title of being “residents”  (transients) on earth, not really homeowners. This requires submission to my husband’s leadership as he brings us to places where God is leading him.

4.       Sarah’s barrenness –  there are “famine “episodes in our life but God always has a way of opening up a ‘’closed womb’’ – If he can use Sarah’s womb to be a blessing to many nations, He can also use me. He has opened up the skies and poured out rains to refresh us not only in the form of financial breakthroughs and creative opportunities but also in relationships and in our health.

5.       Isaac offered as a sacrifice – 8 yrs ago, I gave birth to a bouncing, healthy boy , only to find out 3 days after that he had to be treated for blood incompatibility. Chance of retardation was high but everyday as I fought for my boy’s life, God was asking me to offer him to Him. And so I did just like Abraham, believing that just as He gave Boj to me, He will correct any abnormality and let him live to be a healthy boy.. And he is!  Recently, God is asking me again to give Dana to Him when she enters a boarding school come June. I will remember what He has done to Boj so I can fully appreciate what lies ahead for my 13yr-old  Dana.

6.       Kings and Prophets spared from the swords and lions – times when we experience persecution, hear lies from the enemy that try to defeat us – I always think about how God has shut the mouths of the lions and I know He is also able to shut the enemy’s mouth and turn stony hearts into soft, fertile grounds ripe for releasing and accepting forgiveness and giving / receiving a blessing.

Stories of the glorious and the suffering filled the whole chapter but as for its end,  we know that  none of them received what had been promised, “ since God had planned something better for us so that only together with us would they be made perfect.’’ (v. 40)

So we continue the fight, we press on and run the race.  My prayer is I don’t get disqualified in the course and I will be able to bring many right back on track.

“Hall of Faith” (photo credit: http://www.akidsheart.com)

 “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.”

Hebrews 11:1


What else…?

The past 3 months were filled with excitement – the kind that brought me always on my knees and in deep prayer. Well, the latter part didn’t stop – in fact, all the more that I am!  Many things happened in the home front – Jones’  response to ministry leadership , a new business venture (that requires a capital, the kind that always makes us dumbfounded up to this day!), a change in our financial landscape and challenges at work and at home especially the time when the lovey was out.  On the brighter side, we had been kept afloat and the children have gone past the transition blues in the new school ( so did I, thankfully) – all because of the knowledge and hope that God’s faithfulness is new every morning!

Today, ours was not amiss of a knock-out news – something that will drain our weary souls but everyday,  I am always buoyed up by that special gift called “faith”  Hebrews 11:1 , NLT version had it this way – “Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see”… There are just some things that challenge us physically, mentally and spiritually but when we see past through these, we are assured that the things naked to our human eyes , are miniscule to what God has in store for us.

Have faith – ask for the seemingly impossible in the universe and it shall be done – according to His good, pleasing and perfect will. After all, everything started at His own command.   If Joshua can pray for the sun to stand still  and Hezekiah can ask God for the sundial to move 10 steps backward to prove that He will do as promised , what else, then, that God cannot do?