A Day in Homeschool


Just a typical day, you might say.   But a single photo speaks a thousand more than what it seems to be.  Another day offered to the Lord and a prayer that He will direct it as He wanted it to be.  Along with it is a prayer that I be more understanding, patient and knowledgeable as their Teacher Mom; and they too, become wiser (and a whole lot nicer!) each day.  That they be like Daniel and his friends who were blessed with greater understanding and knowledge of all kinds of literature and learning (Daniel 1:17) and that of  the young Jesus who has grown both in wisdom and stature and has found favor in God and man (Luke 2:52).

I just want to thank you Lord, for today!


1. My eldest daughter , a seventh grader, took the photo above while I was explaining Math (using Singapore Math  (Marshall Cavendish) , a bonus to an open curriculum!)  to my third grader.

2. WordPress has an auto-ads display that might occasionally be advertised here. I learned that I can only make my site ads-free for a certain amount. If there are some images or ads that are not appropriate, please send me a message or report to support@wordpress.com.  Thank you!

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