The Boat is Sinking!

” The boat is sinking, group yourselves into 2..4…8..3..!” And so on it goes depending on the gamemaster until he declares the winners, most likely the last 2 left in the bunch of eager children playing in a parlor game. The game shows that when a boat is sinking, someone is in charge. In this case, the gamemaster. He can do as he pleases – call a number, 2, 4, or 8 – it really doesn’t matter even if he wants 10 in a boat, it will never sink! In the end, others are booted out, winners are declared.

This brings to mind the time when Jesus calmed the storm. (The disciple Matthew details it here). A sudden storm came up, the disciples were so afraid, thinking that Jesus was “sleeping on the job.”  Then Jesus rebuked them FIRST.  ‘Why are you afraid? You have so little faith!’  Then he stood up & rebuked the winds & waves and suddenly all was calm.  It is amazing that in the middle of the storm, Jesus rebukes them first, before He commands the winds and waves to stay still. Unlike the game, He is not a “gamemaster” who chooses who to boot out and who will stay on course to keep the boat from sinking. He wants us to stay on course. Stormy situations in life will rock us but He tells us to stay on course. Looking back, going through the “storms” in my life, He said the same to me. He rebuked me first!  He acts on me first, before He can even change the situation around me, or He may choose not to at all.  But He will act on me! He teaches me to act in faith rather than in fear!

“Why are you afraid, my daughter? You have so little faith!” And I realized, yes Lord, I shouldn’t be. You are in the boat all along, all this time. You are my Captain. You will not desert me. The “storms” may last for days, weeks, months or years,I don’t know…others may even see that You seem to be sleeping on the job, but You are not! I am confident You will ferry me safely to the other shore.


God is not sleeping on the job!
(photo via wordpress)

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