What is Your Marriage Story?

It is heartwarming to look at the stats of your blog occasionally. For my part, I get a glimpse of what people have been thinking about based on the “most searched” topics that I have posted. Recently, my top topic is about marriage. Just right as I have been longing to write something about this next story. Something not so mushy – forget about the “perfect one” based on human standards.

Let me introduce you to Hosea – a prophet in the past during the reigns of great kings of Judah and Israel. When the Lord instructed Hosea to marry Gomer, a prostitute, it was meant to illustrate the waywardness of Israel at that time. No matter how difficult the situation might be – he could’ve been an object of mockery and the subject of the ladies’ gossip ( as we do have in modern times), he did marry her as the Lord said so.

No matter how joyful or painful the situation is, every marriage tells us a story. Scary thought, I learned, but so true. To some, it might not be a good start (like this Hosea-Gomer love story), or bad things happen along the way, but in the end, the same God who restores His people back to Him can also redeem a broken marriage. Not an easy thing to do when God tells you to bring back the unfaithful one as He tells Hosea to “buy-back” Gomer but when we think of our own unfaithfulness and the price that God paid by giving His son, Jesus Christ – flesh and blood – for our own redemption, we know that no matter how messy or broken can that be, as long as there is a ray of hope, He can redeem and repair your marriage. Or,  when the mending  does not happen not because of our own doing, we ask – What’s to lose? to yield ? or to gain? We may bear the scars of the past, or might not be able to go back to our “Hosea” as Gomer did, but God is ready to receive us with arms wide open, if only we restore our relationship with Him. Amazing grace, isn’t it?

As flawed individuals, i see ours as an imperfect marriage story, but one that our good Lord has written perfectly to accomplish His purpose.  Yes, we have laughed and enjoyed successes together, but we have also gone through the darkest Valley of Trouble, but with each tear and prayer, He has transformed it into a Gateway of Hope.  I pray that may each marriage be a powerful testimony where promises are kept and vows are fulfilled – much the same way that God keeps His covenant relationship with us.

I pray not only for happy endings but joyful marriages. To those who might not be able to experience it here on earth, take heart, you have one for eternity. God loves you and will never break His covenant with you.


photo via scotlandablaze.com

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