Nesting – 10th Edition

Finally, we are at home in our new, temporary place. After 10 house transfers in a span of 13 yrs of being married and growing a family, I thank God for the grace and the extraordinary ability to “nest”. I looked back at my previous post on Nesting and I know God’s not done with me yet – with my family. He is always at work in our lives and He continues to bring us to places where we are made useful for His work. My prayer is that in all things, and with every move,  may His name alone be glorified.

Amazingly, when God tells us to do something (case in point: our move)  He doesn’t leave a single detail behind. Reading the book of Ezekiel at the moment, I am in awe with the intricacy of details that God has shown this man on how the temple would be restored -from the floors to the ceilings, doors, gates and the utensils! Women love details, so you must’ve an idea how I was drawn to it. 🙂 But more than being a woman, I know God is speaking to me that He’s doing the same to us. When we decided to relocate, God didn’t leave a single, tiny detail behind. The kids’ education, my new “assignment”, our temporary home, our mobility, provision, even the ones that seemed trivial like the decors (would it fit my “Asian theme” ?) , kitchenware , double beds for the kids and more  – all of these were granted as I have specifically prayed for! We earned them not because of US but because He is God. He owns everything and He gives what He knows are best for us. If he hasn’t provided for those, I know now (after so many times of not being able to get what I thought I needed) that He withholds some things for a purpose, for our own good and protection. I am not only talking about material needs, but even of our health, or work or business. Yes, He gives us the freedom to do our own thing, but I always remember that all things may be permissible but not all are beneficial (1 Corinthians 10:23).  He may say yes, not for you, or  not now – just wait.  And yes not just wait , but to ‘patiently’ wait!

So for now, I just think of the other end of this rainbow that we have seen that week when we moved out of our ‘other’ home…

after an afternoon rain in the village where we used to live..

after an afternoon rain in the village where we used to live..

and wake up to mornings like this..

bright mornings in our new home :-)

bright mornings in our new home 🙂


Wherever the “nest” is, the good Lord provides. As we are surrounded by trees, I see birds around and I remember this,

”  Look at the birds in the sky! They don’t plant or harvest. They don’t even store grain in barns. Yet your Father in heaven takes care of them. Aren’t you worth more than birds? ”

– Matthew 6:26

I am grateful.. I am at peace.



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