Rebellious Children and God’s Everlasting Love

“When you were prosperous I warned you, but you replied. ‘Don’t bother me’. Since childhood you have been that way – you simply will not listen!”

I have heard this line from parents with rebellious children. Too often, they became hopeless, deeply grieved and exasperated. While others chose to give up, I know of some who chose to lift their wayward children to the Lord.  Others have gotten back on the right track, others are still in the “wilderness”.  Parents of rebellious children, take heart. Don’t give up your children to the world, If you have said that line before, God also spoke of that to his children in Jeremiah 22:21. The SAME words. Exactly.

If you are in that situation today, know that God is a promise-keeper. He loves you and your children with an everlasting love. With unfailing love He draws us all back to Him. Those tears today are not wasted. He has kept track of all your sorrows and collected ALL the tears in His bottle. Each one recorded in His book.

There is hope for rebellious children! And while you pray and patiently wait, praise Him for the restoration that God has promised you today.


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3 thoughts on “Rebellious Children and God’s Everlasting Love

    • Thanks anna! This is a constant reminder that God’s love covers all our limitations as sinful men. What other way to show it than sending His own son, Jesus to die for us? No other greater love, indeed!

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