Homeschool, Day 1

Today is Day 1 in Dizon Household’s Homeschool! And just like in any regular school, Day 1 is just a “getting-the-feel-of-going-back-to-school” day. Only that, there’s nothing much to rave about because the characters are all too familiar, no new faces around, plus it’s in the home court! I am grateful to Dana, my 7th grader, who stood in as “Administrator” while I was  at work. Our household helper,  Lalai , was our newly installed “Principal”! See, we got the whole caboodle here. 🙂

Here’s how the day (more or less!) looks like. We are still looking for a perfect schedule for their Music, Arts, PE (MAPE) days.


So you see, while we still don’t have lessons to review and it’s past 6pm as i write, I have my free time slot right now.

A bunch of textbooks and answer sheets (for Grades 7 and 3) and Boj’s “What’s for Breakfast ” daily devotional book by Grace Chiong . We have several books from this author that the kids love to read over and over again. Dana’s all-time favorite is “No Lipstick for Mother.” So heart-warming! Check out more from her website.)


Kids, earlier today, ready to gobble the words and numbers after gobbling real brekky food!


And yes,  they wore their ENLI Homeschool shirts!

Thank  you Lord,  for Day 1.  We got 219 more to go.  Bring it on! 🙂

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