Beautiful Exchange

Finishing the Book of Isaiah for the nth time still gives me a fresh dose of God’s word, His power (think about parting the sea and leveling the mountains power level!) and His awesome love for its overarching theme points us to His own Son, Jesus , whom “the Lord laid on him the guilt and sins of us all.” (Isaiah 53:6b). 

Back in the university, we were taught that Economics is the allocation of scarce resources as efficiently  as possible to benefit all peoples. During my short stint as a college teacher, I remember my students likened it to a household budget management which I totally agree! Because resources are scarce, there is always a trade-off. We sacrifice one thing for the other. But take a look at this:

1. beauty for ashes

2. joy instead of mourning

3. praise instead of despair

4. a  double portion of prosperity and everlasting joy instead of shame and dishonor!

You may read it in it’s entirety in Isaiah 61.

But not only that, the most beautiful exchange of all came into fulfillment when our Savior stepped on earth , died for us and resurrected so that we may live for eternity! The ultimate sacrifice for mankind –

5. everlasting life instead of eternal wrath and condemnation!

Haven’t you noticed, in God’s economics, He always overpays all the time?  His resources are never scarce. In fact, they overflow! Thank you Lord for we are at the other end of this beautiful exchange!




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