A Mother’s Love

Mother’s Love

A Mother’s Love
is love without end
She’s the wisest teacher
the truest friend

A helpful hand
And discerning eyes
A dearest heart
As time goes by

A patient listener
Most loyal of fans
Sharing the future
Hopes and plans

Cherishing childhood memory
Building bright dreams for her family
We never outgrow her thoughts and care
A mother’s love


I remember this poem alongside ‘’All Things Bright and Beautiful” that I used to memorize by heart when i was young. And being a mother for 12 years now, I realized that truly, a mother’s love knows no end until one arrives at death’s door. My mom, now at 61, loves and cares for me and my forever li’l brothers (now 26 and 18!) still the same, or should I say even more deeply and endearingly so?  I have the fondest memories of my mother while growing up. She’s my single female Best-est Friend Forever ( I have some BFFs , but they rank up to the Best level only, haha!) .  She used to sew matching dresses for us, ate siopao and batchoy heartily, raved over the 80s boy-band Menudo, and enjoyed (or endured?)  a 4 hour- movie date (because the local cinemas used to feature 2 movies for a single ticket, how cool was that!)  on a weekend. I am smiling while I am recalling all of these and more and I knew I have been doing and enjoying some of those with my own children, especially with my daughter, who is a lot more like her dad than me. So while I can be the most affectionate mom to her, she can be the most frank, straightforward kid one can have. She says it when she wants a surprise or not, while I mostly do love surprises!

Anyway, this piece is for my mother, more than anything else because Mother’s Day is meant especially for mom. Every day is mother’s day but I am honoring my mom because she is an extraordinary woman. The Proverbial woman, she has sacrificed career and comfort for family and even if she’s a strong-willed one, she has submitted to my father’s leadership when they decided to leave fulfilling careers in the financial sector in favor of family. Being a wife now, there are so many tempting moments to get head-on with my husband, and even as I see my mom in those moments too, I know at the end of the day, my dad’s voice has to be heard.  And so she continues to inspire me in that way. That even if God created me to be strong-willed and full of convictions (sometimes the shamefully wrong ones) woman, I know I can choose to be spirit-filled and will submit to my husband’s authority.

In parenting, mom always has a way of making me feel so special. I know some kids don’t like it, but I love it whenever she’s there during school presentations and competitions. She was my most avid fan and cheerleader. I felt so secure whenever I see her around. I thank her for this as it constantly reminds me to be present, no matter what ( or at least , my husband will be there, if I have a very good reason not to be there)  in the kids’ activities. Just being there brings comfort like no other.

In heart / love relationships, mom knows better, even if I thought I knew it better because I live in a different generation. I made wrong decisions in the past but she was the first to correct me lovingly. She was never a “hovering” parent and even if she didn’t lack in good counsel, she has allowed me to decide on my own as she sees fit.  Having been sent to boarding schools in my high school years up to college, my mom seemingly knows when she’s best needed by my side or reminds me whenever she felt my “freedom” has already been abused to some extent. Ahh, the ideals and adventures of teenage years!  I remember we decided to go caving and trekking along renowned waterfalls and I told her that only after a week because I couldn’t bear it in my conscience to keep it a secret, she happily mused she ventured into that same cave without my grandma knowing it! So all of my fears were replaced with laughter and a candid recollection of the number of eels we have seen, how deep the underground water was, or how high and majestic the waterfalls were. Looking back, I can say that the adventure streaked-gene was from my mom 🙂

Until today, mommy makes time to greet me (and others , too) on special occasions. She has that gift of making you feel extraordinarily special on your special days because she keeps track of every person’s birthday , anniversary, etc. She may surprise me with a visit, or send an SMS that’s not too short at all, rings up and calls me up to this day, her ‘’everdearest darling daughter’’ which I love up to the last sound of it.

I am treasuring all of these in my heart because no one can ever replace a mother. I am glad I have spent some of the best moments with her even if I married quite early in my 20s. They say you will never know a mother’s love until you become a mother yourself. I say, you don’t have to wait ’til you become one,  go tell your mom how special she is, because she truly is!

I love you, my ever dearest mommy!

A year ago, to an island getaway.

A year ago, to an island getaway.

“Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her..” – Proverbs 31:28

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