How Do I Miss Thee?

Today is my husband’s birthday! And he’s celebrating it in a different timezone. We miss him terribly but God has given him a wonderful birthday surprise for his birth-month (read here to know more about it ) so we rejoice with him!

I’m sharing this poem that I’ve written for him (edited some lines that were meant for “his eyes” only! naughty me 🙂 Don’t worry this went ahead to his email before the world can see!


How do I miss thee?

Let me count the ways –

I miss the way I touch your hair when I snuggle in your arms just before I wake up in the morning

I miss the way I make your coffee even when Boj insists he does his way better than mine!

I miss the way we talk about our plans for the day over breakfast

I miss how we pray together before we start the day.

I miss how I check on you ever so often in the middle of the day – and vice versa –

Thanks to SUN – we can do ‘”unlimited” checks and howdys

I miss how we all call you down for dinner so we can all eat together

And how Dana teases you of the extra pounds you have ‘amazingly’ added!

I miss even how the Coke bottle poses stately in the dining table,

Now replaced by the healthier,  H2O bottle ( so that we didn’t mind at all).

I miss how Mr. Chips tries to take away my attention

Never mind, we all enjoyed him anyway!

I miss how we all dive into bed for the evening prayer –

Never mind what happened between dinner and bed  🙂

I miss how warmly I embrace you throughout the night

Never mind if you insist YOU are the one embracing me 🙂

And so my day goes just missing you

But I am comforted with  Everlasting Arms, knowing He does it you, too.

So we wait ‘til we are both into each other’s arms (and necks ?!? hahahaha!) again-

Until that day , I am missing you….

Love you most , my lovest!!!

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