The Things that we DO and DO NOT do

My Lover woke me up early dawn today and asked me if I can spend quiet time with him and I obliged. He reminded me of these two things in Revelation 1-4 –  The things that WE DO and the things that WE DO NOT DO.

Of the things that WE DO :

Like the Ephesians, the Lord has seen our hard work, our patient endurance in times of testing, our reading and constantly studying the Bible,  teaching the Gospel , trying to do all the good deeds that we can think about .. but might have exactly missed the point. We have forgotten our first love.

“ You don’t love me or each other as you did at first! Look how far you have fallen from your first love! Turn back to me again & work as you did at first.  If you don’t, I will come and remove your lampstand from its place among the churches..” – (Rev2:4-6)

Sometimes, our love for doing the “church things” eclipse the very thing that He has commanded and considered important of all the commandments – “Love God above all else and love your neighbor as  yourself.”  Time to shed the spiritual pride and say “ I love you Lord, I will not forsake my first love that is you.  At times when I forget, let me go back to that place where I first met you and I will always remember that You come before anything and anyone else in my life.”

Of the things that we DO NOT DO:

Like the Laodiceans, we may possess that “have-it-all” mentality  –  the attitude and the privileges of this world. Feeling so contented, we are also content to be “benchwarmers”  – having nothing to do with anything all!  “ I know all the things  that you do, that you are neither hot or cold. I wish you were one or the other!  But since you are like lukewarm water, I will spit you out of my mouth!” – Rev3:15-16

We all know how lukewarm water tastes like. To many , the moment we had a sip of it, we want to spit it out right away! Like the rich Laodiceans, He has reminded us that there is always a need for Him in spite of the sufficiency that we feel because we are more privileged than others. We might think we’re ahead of others in the Christian walk,  we have already weathered the storms in life, we have been through a lot in the “ministry work” , so what else is left to do?  We stopped and let the world spin around us – NO doing, NO growing, NO going, NO knowing, NO sowing at all!  We became blindmen leading the blind – wretched, miserable, poor and naked.  But he corrects those He loves so He reminds us not to be indifferent.

I remember in conferences when I don’t want to be noticed and wanted to ease out of the place in any minute , I used to stay at the back row so that I can easily step out of the place.  It is true that we stay so close to where we came in so that we can easily go out unnoticed. This is true to us – when we don’t want our relationship to grow with our first Love, we just stay at the back, be apathetic and just go out of the door easily. We don’t commit. Just easy come, easy go… We know the consequences and we know that there is a solution.  I pray we repent of the things that we do and do not do that take away the joy of our first love. Would you choose Him today?

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