Hall of Faith

Hebrews 11 –  the Hall of Faith.  Each action of those enumerated was borne out of faith. Whenever faced with similar situations, I go back to the “hall” and get reminded that faith always overtakes fear. When I move in fear, I am looking into my own and depending on my abilities but when I move in faith, I look beyond what is seen and trust God who is able. Here are some:

1.       Enoch not experiencing death – and this was because he pleased God – and no one can please God if he doesn’t believe that He exists and He will reward those who earnestly seek him. I believe in the existence of God and how he became flesh in Jesus Christ. In my quest for Him, I have found a personal relationship with Him. Because of this, I know that eternity awaits me after my “earthly tent” shall come to its expiration date. I find it amusing that goods have been marked “best before  xx-xx-xxx (expiration date) “, while if we think deeper , we, as Christians  are best after our expiration dates! For by then we are in the BEST place ever!

2.       Noah saving his family – it has been my prayer up to this moment that salvation will come in our household. I never stopped praying for the time to come that we will profess the same faith and always have an answer whenever asked about it.

3.       Abraham as a nomad  – in our 13 yrs of being married, we have transferred and created homes  9 times already and I know God’s not done with us yet! Embracing this nomadic lifestyle earns us a title of being “residents”  (transients) on earth, not really homeowners. This requires submission to my husband’s leadership as he brings us to places where God is leading him.

4.       Sarah’s barrenness –  there are “famine “episodes in our life but God always has a way of opening up a ‘’closed womb’’ – If he can use Sarah’s womb to be a blessing to many nations, He can also use me. He has opened up the skies and poured out rains to refresh us not only in the form of financial breakthroughs and creative opportunities but also in relationships and in our health.

5.       Isaac offered as a sacrifice – 8 yrs ago, I gave birth to a bouncing, healthy boy , only to find out 3 days after that he had to be treated for blood incompatibility. Chance of retardation was high but everyday as I fought for my boy’s life, God was asking me to offer him to Him. And so I did just like Abraham, believing that just as He gave Boj to me, He will correct any abnormality and let him live to be a healthy boy.. And he is!  Recently, God is asking me again to give Dana to Him when she enters a boarding school come June. I will remember what He has done to Boj so I can fully appreciate what lies ahead for my 13yr-old  Dana.

6.       Kings and Prophets spared from the swords and lions – times when we experience persecution, hear lies from the enemy that try to defeat us – I always think about how God has shut the mouths of the lions and I know He is also able to shut the enemy’s mouth and turn stony hearts into soft, fertile grounds ripe for releasing and accepting forgiveness and giving / receiving a blessing.

Stories of the glorious and the suffering filled the whole chapter but as for its end,  we know that  none of them received what had been promised, “ since God had planned something better for us so that only together with us would they be made perfect.’’ (v. 40)

So we continue the fight, we press on and run the race.  My prayer is I don’t get disqualified in the course and I will be able to bring many right back on track.

“Hall of Faith” (photo credit: http://www.akidsheart.com)

 “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.”

Hebrews 11:1



153 months, 4,590 days more or less. And we keep on counting… Love that has grown and remained strong  through the toughest of times and has celebrated the best of those. Love that has witnessed sickness and enjoyed the best of health – one that has endured the storms and embraced the warm rays of sun.   Love that knows that apart from Him, we are nothing and we cannot stand the test of time – that has gone by, and the one that we still joyfully look forward to…

Each 6th  my lovest, is a day to celebrate God’s faithfulness in our marriage, actually, every waking hour is. ..You are forever my love,  my one and only Valentine!


PS. Ours is not a perfect one, but here’s something perfect and true to remember all the time.


Crafty Li’l Hands

I remember how I used to make pajamas, basic polo shirts and ruffled blouses, curtains and other home essentials when I had the luxury of time – which was about 12 yrs ago! Wow,  that’s a  d-e-c-a-d-e ++ long! I also remember how as a young child, I used to window-shop with my mom, checking out new designs then buying some cloth so she can sew us new matching dresses – which happens almost every weekend! I was a self-confessed “designer’s child”. I have fond memories of those with my mom. Sometimes when a cousin visits us, she’s my twin in the dresses.  But the grandest that she ever made was my wedding gown. To me, mom is the best ever couturier in the whole wide world!

Now married, and with a not-so-little girl at all, I yearn for those times when I can do what my mom used to do for me.  With Dana growing up so fast, I can see that she’s crafty with her little hands. She can sew bags and something else and sketches cool animation stuff.  She also has a keen musical sense that we would like for her to improve on especially in playing musical instruments like the organ. What I think I lack, she has or even if I do it, she does it even better.  And I thank God for that!


her new crochet purse project . She’s currently making bands.. bags will be next! 🙂

one of her 1st anime sketches – Sasuke done in 5 minutes!













For now, those crafty li’l hands need more than what this world can offer. They need to be clasped together in prayer so she becomes a good, faithful steward of the talents that her Maker has endowed her with…And while she does that, mom’s hands are clasped together, too , wondering how far those crafty li’l hands will go…

photocredit : nevergrowingold.blogspot.com

“His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’ – Matthew 25:21

An Afternoon Delight

Sometimes we get wind up with the daily humdrum of things – waking up , managing the household, off to day job, back to home sweet home. Not that I am complaining, I am indeed thankful that my hands are full. In these times, i get to meet different lives with different personalities. My facetime with these people are much more appreciated! Social media has allowed us to be connected to a lot of people in a seemingly unimaginable way ( like how my blog has brought me to you! ) but it doesn’t give us the “soulful” connection that can only be achieved in real face-to-face conversations, a gentle touch, a shoulder to cry on and a merry hymn of laughter that can fill an otherwise boring, empty room!

Recently, I get to bond with my cousins whom I shared the most wonderful childhood moments with. Times when technology was still a luxury, memories were built “intentionally” – like when you schedule a vacation, it has to be carefully planned as there was not yet a travel agency that takes care of your logistical needs, no cellphones and internet that allow you to say “hey, i got stuck in the traffic – will just follow you there” , so that makes you to be there on time, on the dot, lest you will be left behind. Like those times, this reunion was intentional. And I think, we always have to be intentional with our relationships. Intentional in deciding that we meet, in letting people know that we care for each other because we care enough to see them. And dish away that idea that we are just a text or phone call away. (Of course, if  distance is a hindrance, the calls, emails and sms pretty much make up for it!)

Reunions need not be grand.  That day, it was just coffee, them, and I (and yes, with a muffin and lemon square in between!).  Take time out to nurture those relationships. Not a moment is wasted.


Me and my cousins enjoying an afternoon coffee! (thanks, Cookie ,for this pic!)