What’s Your Weather Report?

Being a working wife and mom doesn’t mean I am a “superwoman”. Like a normal human being, I also struggle with time management – especially that we do not have a control of what’s going on in our husband and /or children’s daily activities.  Keeping tab of all of them is no mean feat. Yes I can be so detailed in most things but marriage and motherhood has allowed and trained me to be more flexible in some and to be more accepting in those that I cannot deal with. The better word to describe it is GRACE.  The moment it steps in your doorstep, peace of mind and peace at home reign!

I recently read a book that talks about (among many others) the “weather conditions” in our homes. As  wives and/or moms, we can either make “torrential storms or tropical breezes” as the climate in our homes.  Most of our “storms” at home start when there is a mess on the floor, books are all over the place, food stains are in the couches and , yes, stickers are on the walls (especially if you have toddlers! i am glad we’re over that stage!), an angry look from your spouse or a petty fight, etc..  Chaos is not hard to describe.  Yes, good housekeeping skills and time management are commendable, so is an able and trustworthy house helper or nanny to keep everyone’s sanity.  Outside circumstances are fast to control us – either we buy in or bust out!  Perhaps the easiest way to be out of the muddle is to fire away those words.  So instead of calming the storms, we are creating stronger, torrential ones!  And nobody loves that! So today, start changing the climate in your home.. and deliberately make room for the sunshine to burst in every corner. Feel the warmth, enjoy the fresh air – let it be that the “tropical breeze” is near… And mind you, you’ll be a whole lot happier and healthier!

Photo Our Homes

photo credit : treasurecoastflrealestate.com

2 thoughts on “What’s Your Weather Report?

  1. I like the metaphor (the English teacher in me) think it can be applied to homes in general. You can walk into a house and often sense a certain calm or tumultuousness.
    By the way, my blog moved. Here is the new address:memyselfandkids.com

    • absolutely! home is our haven – where i believe all of our “bests” should be well spent – not whatever’s left – after a day’s work .

      will check out the new site!

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