Rains in the Springtime

Living in a tropical country, where we only experience 2 seasons – summer and rainy (spring) , we can only look forward to either of the two with each passing time.  Similarly, in my life, I experience droughts during the dry(barren) season but can always expect for the rains to come thereafter.  Times when I ‘m driven for more of God because of desperate and trying situations, it is with confidence that I go to  Him, believing He is the one who sends the rains (in any form) for my own and for others’ refreshment.   Concluding our Church’s  5-day corporate Prayer and Fasting today with “Persistence and Breakthrough” , I am reminded of this:

‘Ask the LORD for rain in the springtime; it is the LORD who makes the storm clouds. He gives showers of rain to men, and plants of the field to everyone.’ – Zechariah 10:1


Rains in the Spring time is a natural occurrence. But because we acknowledge God’s supremacy in our lives, Him, being the creator of the heavens and the earth, the rains and the sun, then we go ask Him for it, unceasingly and persistently! He brings us to situations where we can ask boldly because we have already come to our wits’ end. Left to ourselves, we can be prideful and boastful with our own accomplishments.  I choose to thank God in the ‘dry’ season of my life for it is there that I cry all the more for the rains to come in its due time.  It is there that I thirst more of Him, it is there where I crave more for His word.  And then I know, when the break of clouds shows its first drop of rain,  “Spring’’ has come.. grasses will grow, flowers will bloom, crops will grow , trees will soon bear fruits . I can laugh again in the rain, thanking God for this wonderful rebirth , another season of rejuvenation … of revival … of restoration!  We’re catching all of your raindrops, Lord!

photocredit: http://scenery-wallpapers.com

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