Marriage Booster

Hello February!

Away for so long from blogging, this one needs a booster shot!  And what a weekend shot it was!

Recently attended a Marriage Booster event ( on the 5 Languages of Love by Gary Chapman) organized by Victory CDO

which was well-attended by the rookies ( 2 months old) to “pros” (38 yrs!).  I am delighted to know that we have the same Top Love Language with hubby – “Words Of Affirmation”.  His was followed by “Physical Touch”, while mine with “Receiving Gifts” ( read: may not be material stuff – but even the physical presence of the spouse is a gift!).  By the grace of God, it turned out that we are able to fill-in each other’s needs so our love tank in the marriage doesn’t run empty.   This booster shot in our marriage is a must-have.  Like in our bodies, booster shots are needed so our immune system runs well and we stay healthy.     In the same way, we need healthy, thriving , great marriages!  Yes, there were some bumpy rides in our own love story but now into the 12th yr, I can say that I am joyfully married!

This explains why a man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one.” (Gen2:24)

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