This morning, we all woke up early to the agreed time of 5:10. My, was I glad! I hurried off to make my warm cup of coffee and 6yo Boj’s lukewarm mug of milk ( ate Dana drinks hers every afternoon and the last one for both of them just before bedtime). I immediately settled to my quiet (though not too quiet with the kids prepping up for school) time spot for my daily devotional when I noticed a bird busy flying over the window. I trailed my eyes off to the little one and I noticed she (you’ll know why it’s a She in a while ) was busy building her nest to one of our towering plants in the pocket garden! Now you know why the She – Mommy bird is making sure her little ones will have a safe place to stay once they come out from their eggs. Research shows that , “In most species, the female does most or all of the nest construction, though the male often helps…” . Now that concludes the She part of the story.

Now to my story –

I believe nesting is a very feminine trait. It’s true to me. Women, generally, love to settle down, keep things in control and oftentimes panic when things go out of hand. My husband taught me the true meaning of spontaneity. Not that he doesn’t plan things carefully (in fact, he does – complete with Options A or B), but his flexibility allows me to understand better why there are certain things that I cannot control to the dot as I wanted them to be. I should know. Being married for 11 years, we have called 5 cities that span across the archipelago as our homes. When we finally had our 8th transfer back to our homeland, I prayed “now we’re finally settling down”. But God has put a different desire in our hearts that altered our gameplan. The moment we said “yes” to the call, it was no longer about our comfort zones, but about putting Him first in all things. I slowly begin to embrace the word change – for the truth is – change teaches me to be God-reliant than self-reliant. To let go of the things that I think I can control that turned out to be trivial and to take hold of the things that I need to treasure – His true, living, Word.

The bird nesting in our place this morning just taught me one thing – yes, she nests – but only for a certain time. After the little ones grow, they freely wander into air, relying solely to the One who feeds them, day by day, up until the time comes when they too, learn how to nest, albeit temporarily. Same to me – I sometimes lose peace when change disrupts my “nesting habits” but I am comforted by what I learned today from Malachi 3:6 when He said , “ I am the Lord and I DO NOT change.. “ Circumstances that affect me change, but God never changes…Then I am at peace 

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2 thoughts on “Nesting

  1. Hello Me!

    Glad to visit your site! and what a great post! I decided to comment here para makasuroy ko sa imong blog. Naa pa ba si mama bird? Thanks for sharing this beautiful insight. maka hinuktok man jd ta 😉

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