The Passion to Make It Happen

Today, I can say I have never tasted coffee at its best than this. Nah, not the beans, they are ordinary but carefully picked as choice ones – the Ad would say – but tastefully as it is paired with an overpowering word from God- that java jolt that gives you a high and makes you wake up to a seemingly brighter day!

To begin with, I’m now reading the book of Kings from the Old Testament. Wild imagery come into play whenever I read the battles of kings, how heads were piled up on top of the other , commanders slain in battles, and all other gory details that are best described vividly in movies like the 300, the Gladiator and Braveheart!

Here are the truths that I learned from 2 Kings 19:

1. FIRST, present you case to God – not to the pastor or priest / to family member / friend / lawyer /doctor, etc . –
“After Hezekiah received the letter from the messengers and read it, he went up to the Lord’s Temple and spread it out before the Lord.”(verse14)

Most often, when bad news slam our day, we take refuge to our earthly comforts, not bringing the news to God first, whom we know as the One who sees, hears and answers. We may not like the latter, but we are assured that it is for our own benefit.

2. God is able to crush down walls –
” But have you not heard? I decided this long ago. Long ago I planned it, and now I am making it happen. I planned for you to crush fortified cities into heaps of rubble. ” (verse 25)

He planned it, and acted on it! We may think of things impossible, but God takes away the “im” from it and makes it possible. When was the last time you crushed a wall and came out victorious?

3. God knows everything – every single cell that reacts in our bodies!
“But I know you well— where you stay and when you come and go. I know the way you have raged against me. ( verse 27)

Even our pride and arrogance, He knows them all. .. And He knows, sooner or later , we will be crying out for help ..

4. God’s Love conquers all –

” The passionate commitment of the Lord of Heaven’s Armies[d] will make this happen!” (verse 31)

Wherever we are, whatever we are facing right at this moment, we are reminded that the passion of the Lord will make it happen so that His name will be glorified, not ours.

I am always passionate about coffee.  The subject, the taste, the aroma – they never fail me.   But the passion of the Lord is far too unspeakable! So make your day count , for His passionate love will make it happen!