JJAMPPONG on my Mind

I  have always wanted to cook.   The Rachael Ray type or perhaps Giada de Laurentiis ( whom for a while I thought i most likely resemble, until i woke up from a lovely dream!) – never have followed recipes to a T but always enjoyed a pinch or a dash of something this and that.  Lately, with the cool weather and occasional rains even if we’re expecting summer soon in our place,  I had Jjamppong ( a spicy Koren soup) on my mind.  I decided to dish out the styro-packed soup of a local brand and googled for something that’s really authentic and home-made.  Alas , i found one  !  This website is very educational, complete with a step-by-step video.  A rookie would surely love it.

photo from maangchi.com

I had all the ingredients on hand so i whisked off and prepare the hot dish.  Had the chili pepper bottle on table just to make sure my kids can enjoy a bowlful sans the spicy taste.  And viola! my own version of Jjamppong didn’t disappoint! It surely warmed the tummies, and more importantly , it warmed the hearts ~ the family loved it!






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