Life in Circle

Hi! welcome to my site! as if a shape, i love to view life as a circle. Seasons come and go,  so are people, things, places, and what have yous… Every moment counts so I promise to cherish every moment of my life as it comes in full circle. Enjoy, celebrate life! Live and love!

2 thoughts on “Life in Circle

  1. This is a nice site and your devotional material sooo inspiring. I view life not as circle but as a line ( linear not circular) as this reminds me that life has a beginning and an end. This will help me live life to the fullest and make the most out of it as life is short to miss the great grand design of God. This further makes me focus on the main thing which to invest on what really matters ( God,His Word and souls of men). I would appreciate to receive your daily devotional material. Keep up the good work for God’s glory.

    • Hi Connie! thanks for your generous words. I am glad to meet a sister in faith in this blogosphere. It is my desire to be able to share with others God’s faithfulness through this blog, so that in all things, He is glorified! I also like how you view life as a line. It only shows how finite mortals are and makes us look forward to eternity. Truly, as Peter said, ‘a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years is like a day to our Lord’. Enjoy living each moment for His glory!

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